Fei Pai Painting

Yeh Fei Pai graduated from National Cheng-Chi University, Taiwan, in 1974 with a major in journalism. In 1977, at the age of twenty eight and wanting to learn his roots, he moved to San Francisco to be with his father, the legendary General Yeh Tsui Pai. This life changing experience created a bond between the two men and provided the genesis for "Yeh Fei Pai’s Celestial Horses".

From 1978 to 1981, Fei Pai studied television production, film and music at San Francisco State University. For the next decade he lived in Taiwan and became a successful TV producer and song writer, with an emphasis and interest in the social movement.

Fei Pai studied the Celestial Horse Art under the General for twenty years until the General passed away in 1999. That awakening moment made Fei Pai realize the importance of keeping his promise to continue the Yeh family’s Celestial Horse Art.

Fei Pai carries his passion for poetry and calligraphy, with the disciplines of cinematography and music, into his paintings and shapes known as "Yeh Fei Pai’s Celestial Horses". He took the essence of the Yeh’s art and creates a new era of the Celestial Horse Art. In 2005, Fei Pai debuted in the United States and is currently touring China and the United States following successful exhibitions and signature grand-scale and dramatic live art performances in Oregon. His Celestial Horses have gained appreciation and respect. His paintings are collected by both public and private collectors.

A Chinese saying states "there are wild horses in every one of us". Through unbridled imagination and years of practice, Fei Pai’s Celestial Horses burst forth from the artist’s brush with unrestrained energy and delicate beauty. His paintings speak to our desires, our dreams, our fears and our triumphs. Fei Pai has chosen this journey and through his art exemplifies the truth, goodness and beauty of these wild horses as they soar majestically through the sky.